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About job search

Getting started with your job search.
Use Jobcube to search for jobs as follows:

- In the search bar, enter the keyword(s) (job title, company, etc.) related to jobs you are looking for. If you enter multiple keywords, only listings containing all keywords will be shown.

- In the location bar, enter the location (city, state, zip code, etc.) you wish to search for jobs in.

Next, click the "Search" button or press the enter key on your keyboard to display a list of jobs that match your criteria.

You can also apply filters to narrow down your search results.
About job location map information.
The map for the job location displayed is created from the job poster's location information.
Please be sure to check the location of the job with the original posting.
How do I save search results?
To save a job and add it to your Saved Jobs page, click the heart icon next to the listing.
Click it again to remove the job.

Up to 30 jobs can be saved. Adding more than 30 will cause the oldest job to be removed.

View all the jobs you've saved by clicking "Saved" on the upper right. On that page, you can also delete all saved jobs by clicking on the "Delete all saved jobs" button.
How is the order of job listings determined?
The order in which job listings are displayed is determined by Jobcube's algorithm, which correlates the relationship between the keyword(s) and location entered by the user with job descriptions and date of posting, as well as user behavior.
The information listed differs from that on the poster's website.
Jobcube aggregates and posts job listings found on the Internet.
If information differs from that found on a poster's website, it may have been changed by the poster since it was originally collected by us.
Jobcube makes no representations or warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy, completeness, legality, reliability or availability of content on these pages.
Content of a listing is inappropriate.
Jobcube is a job search service, and is not responsible for the criteria of job postings. For questions, contact the poster of the job.

For all other inquiries, use the "Contact Us" link below.

About Jobcube

About Us
Welcome to Jobcube.
Jobcube is a search engine for job listings in the United States.

Use Jobcube to customize your search criteria and find the very best employment opportunities!
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For inquiries about Jobcube, contact us at the following email address:
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Jobcube, Inc. is owned by a publicly traded Japanese parent company,, Inc.
For users in Japan, please refer to Kyujin box.